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Arrow XT




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Arrow XT™

No brag, just fact: The Arrow XT™ has everything you need for firefighting, and nothing you don’t. Bearing the name that defined the modern fire chassis, the Arrow XT is the consummate firefighter’s fire truck. It comes equipped with a Detroit Diesel engine rated at up to 515 hp, an “extreme tilt” (hence the name XT) cab that allows easy inspection and maintenance of the drive train and brakes, standard TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension and oversize 120 ksi 133/8"carbon steel frame rails with heat-treated liners.
Add a clean, functional metal interior with a heater like a furnace, twin air conditioners that’ll rival an Arctic winter, and a no-nonsense instrument panel. Wrap this all up with a hard-wired electrical system, and you have the truck of your dreams.


Basic is beautiful, especially when you’re beholding the Arrow XT interior. Why? It features seamless rubber floor mats, vinyl and painted interior surfaces that shrug off abuse and are a breeze to clean. A straightforward instrument and control panel with big, easy-to-read gauges. Fully accessible electronics for simplified maintenance and repair. And even a broad, flat work area on top of the engine compartment. And it’s all heavy-duty, so you can concentrate on work, without over-working your machine.

From ramps and curbs to potholes and fallen tree limbs, you never know what might be around the next corner. But never mind. With an impressive 15 inches of ground clearance to the bottom of the radiator, and a 15-degree angle of approach and departure, the Arrow XT is built to get you up it, over it and to the scene.




Cab Features

 * Seating for up to eight (8) fire fighters wearing SCBA.
 * Hard-wired electrical system
 * Exterior (roof-mounted w/dual evaporators) air conditioning system for added interior space.
 * Increased room for both the officer and the driver.
 * 45-degree cab tilt with the ability to tilt to 90-degrees with a hoist
 * Easy access to dual wiper motors for easier maintenance
 * Heavy-duty parts – hinges, cast frame extensions, doors and panels for long-term   durability
 * Single piece roof with no seams on the flat surface
 * Large glove compartment and flat working service for the officer.
 * Backlit Gravoply switch panels that are easy to read, and overhead switches that are easy to reach.
 * Two battery access doors inside crew cab floor to aid in maintenance checks.
 * Large engine access door on back of engine tunnel for maintenance checks.
 * Stainless steel door pans.
 * Lift and Tow is standard, with tow eyes bolted to the front frame extension castings.
 * A 1396-square-inch radiator to keep the engine cool even after back-to-back runs.
 * Optional fire curtains for units that fight wild land fires.



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