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Loadmaster 400 Series





"The Proven Choice for the Industry's Toughest Routes"












Ejection Blade

The curved ejection blade rides on six "UHMW" polyethylene wear shoes. Smooth clear ejection blade surface provides clean dumping.






Hydraulic Controls

Controls are located in a comfortable location, mounted in machined "UHMW" polyethylene, for a more smooth wear resistant vibration dampened operation.






Body Side Door

The 400 side door provides a large convenient maintenance access. The attractive contoured door has large grab handles to help enter and exit the compactor body. Side door access ladder provided.






Compaction Blades

The 400 blade design has been perfected over decades of use in tough applications. The blades themselves ride on rollers for minimum friction and big compaction. The large, seven inch diameter bore, sweep cylinders easily crush large bulky materials.




Tailgate Locks

The Loadmaster 400 utilizes heavy duty "turnbuckle" style tailgate locks. Our tailgate lift cylinders have large oversize push rods, with built in restrictors, to slow the drop speed of the truck tailgate. The tailgate seal is a tough 70 durometer.




Optional Container Reeving System

Various container lifting systems are available, including cylinder reeving, drum winch, "kick" bar, Loadmaster Sling System, and various cart tippers. Several types of container latching systems are also available.





Loadmaster believes it has the finest wiring in the industry. All main connectors are "aircraft" type. Each wire has its function printed on the wire itself. Your mechanic should not have to go back and forth with his voltage meter wondering where each wire goes. It's clearly labeled on each wire at the connector!! All wires are enclosed in a breathable, protective, heavy nylon loom covering. Certain optional accessories are provided for in each loom.



Body Side Walls

The loadmaster 400 utilizes traditional rib style body side walls for years of trouble free performance. Several optional floor and wall thicknesses available to fit your most demanding applications.




Hydraulic Cylinders

Loadmaster utilizes the most advanced design available in its cylinders. We take great pride in the technology and components from which our cylinders are constructed. We could not possibly describe our cylinders in this short paragraph. Call and ask us for a complete description.


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